We believe everyone should feel
safe, accepted, and celebrated.

Who we are

Our Story

We’re a small business owned by a gay couple in Auckland, New Zealand. Our home-based business began its humble beginnings during the 2020 pandemic, starting in the garden shed to help raise funds and ensure the continuation of the local pride parade. 

Our mission is to source, create and sell locally-made LGBTQ+ pride merchandise that brings joy, promotes acceptance, and spreads love.

Furthermore, we remain committed to actively supporting LGBTQ+ charities and initiatives by donating a portion of our profits and offering assistance for their important projects. 

Together, we are working toward building a brighter future.



We’re committed to giving back to the community in every way we can. That’s why every quarter, we’re proud to donate and support various non-profits that champion our rainbow communities.

Body Positive
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Auckland Rainbow Parade
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Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust
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OUT & About Wanaka
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