Aromantic asexual, also known by the abbreviations aroace and acearo, is a term for someone who experiences little to no romantic and sexual attraction, making them both aromantic and asexual.

In December 2018, a Tumblr user known as aroaesflags designed the aroace flag, also known as the sunset aroace flag. The flag was specifically created to represent individuals on both the asexual and aromantic spectrums, without the use of purple for asexual or green for aromantic. The designer’s intention was to create a flag that acknowledges the experiences of aroaces who don’t split their attraction.

The specific meanings of the sunset flag are as follows:

  • Two shades of blue:  Represents “the aroace identity as well as the spectrum of aroace identities and experiences”. The choice of color here is intended to be between green, for aromantic, and purple, for asexual.
  • White: Wholeness. This is meant to represent aroaces who are “aplatonic, nonamorous, or otherwise not seeking a committed partnership”, and also “how we are all whole people on our own”.
  • Yellow: Love and relationships that exist outside of more conventional ideas of romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Orange: Community. Similar to the use of blue on this flag, orange is in between purple and green, for asexual and aromantic respectively. This represents “both the unity of ourselves as aroaces as well as our places in both the aro and ace communities”.

Printed flag on quality polyester. Finished with brass grommets and it is perfect for indoor or casual outdoor use. 90 x 150 cm

Flag Size

90 x 150cm

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