We’re committed to safeguarding our planet. While we acknowledge that perfection is a journey, our unwavering commitment is to continuously advance towards a more sustainable future.

To reduce emissions and enhance sustainability, we are progressively phasing out overseas-sourced compostable packaging. In its place, we are adopting 80% recycled material sourced locally. This shift ensures that our packaging is recyclable, but also eligible for the soft plastics recycling program.

Made to Order
At Rainbow Republic, we believe in minimising waste. That’s why we only add screen printing to our clothing upon order placement. This eliminates unnecessary overproduction and prevents clothing from going to waste.

Eco-Friendly Inks
We prioritise the use of Supacolour water-based screen printing inks and digital inks as a sustainable alternative to PVC and plastisol. By opting for these eco-friendly inks, we reduce our environmental footprint.

Organic Materials
Despite New Zealand not producing cotton, we remain resolute in sourcing organic alternatives for our clothing range. Organic cotton boasts numerous benefits, such as consuming 91% less water and 62% less energy than conventional methods. Its production also leads to a remarkable 70% reduction in land and water acidification. Furthermore, each organic cotton item saves approximately 600 gallons of water, equivalent to an individual’s drinking water supply over 2-3 years.

Join us on our sustainable journey, as we embrace organic materials, eco-friendly practices, and conscious packaging choices to build a greener tomorrow.